Steve on V5 versus v6

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On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 12:21 PM, steve <steve at> wrote:

> As far as the goodies in the box go. Whether it's an A5 or a A6, the box
> will the following at least.
> I'm still sorting through some issues.
> 1. phone.
> 2. Battery
> 3. Custom Charger
> 4. Sdcard.
> 5. Stylus.
> 6. USB cable.
> Sometime down the road I will pull out the Sdcard and try to put in a
> branded Neo stylus. No promises.
> Headset, I am working on. No promises.
> Steve

Is the usb cable really needed by most people?  There is bluetooth & wifi
for synching and people could always just go buy one if needed.  It's my
understanding it will be a standard mini-usb to usb.  Somehow I have at
least 5 of those sitting in my office.  Maybe just tell people in the
quickstart guide what kind of cable they'll need to attach usb peripherals
or charge from a computer.  I think that a usb cable would be easier for
people to find & buy than headphones with a specific impedance.  If the
quickstart doesn't have a recommended headphone impedance range one should
probably be added - especially since I heard some people were having issues
with low headphone volume because of the impedance.
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