What US plans are people using?

ian douglas ian.douglas at iandouglas.com
Wed Apr 23 18:55:52 CEST 2008

Yes, AT&T uses both 850 and either 1800 or 1900 (I forget which at the 
moment, maybe 1900 and TMobile uses 1800, or vice versa?).

In my last apartment, where there were a lot of buildings very close 
together, lots of concrete, etc., my usual AT&T phone (Blackjack 2) 
would only connect on the lower frequency and display the EDGE logo all 
the time, and the phone would often cause other electronics with 
speakers to buzz horrendously -- haven't had that problem in the new 
place where my Blackjack 2 displays that it's connected to 3G all the 
time instead of EDGE.

But I was able to consistently test that, within my old apartment, the 
Neo would only connect on TMobile when I was indoors, and would only 
connect on AT&T if I was out in the open outside in the courtyard where, 
I guess, the higher frequency network could get through. I was never 
able to connect to AT&T indoors at the old place.

Once I get a Freerunner, I'll go visit a friend at the old apartment 
complex, and test that the 850MHz mode on the Freerunner can connect on 
the lower frequency.


Travis Tabbal wrote:
> I found some coverage maps on gsmworld.com <http://gsmworld.com>. I 
> don't know how accurate they are, none of my current phones tell you 
> what band they are using. AT&T has a mish-mash of both all over the 
> place from what I could tell.
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