Thoughts about calls not taken

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Wed Apr 23 23:38:55 CEST 2008

> 2. Called person cannot talk right now (Meeting, cinema, etc.)

I use pidgin (gaim) for IM, and you can set several 'away' messages 
depending on why you don't want to be disturbed. Some sort of voicemail 
app on the phone which plays back one of several messages like "Hi, I'm 
enjoying a movie right now, leave a message or check back later" or 
"Sorry I can't take your call, I'm in a meeting, leave a message" or 

> Has this service already been hacked in a way that it's possible to use 
> this without an iPhone?

I've read recently that someone's trying to sue Apple (or vice versa) 
over a patent related to visual voice mail, so I don't think you'd want 
to get *too* similar.


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