Thoughts about calls not taken

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Wed Apr 23 23:44:33 CEST 2008

Sorry, just realized I hadn't finished my thought...

ian douglas wrote:
> I use pidgin (gaim) for IM, and you can set several 'away' messages 
> depending on why you don't want to be disturbed. Some sort of voicemail 
> app on the phone which plays back one of several messages like "Hi, I'm 
> enjoying a movie right now, leave a message or check back later" or 
> "Sorry I can't take your call, I'm in a meeting, leave a message" or 
> whatever.

... Having a voice mail app on the phone that acts like pidgin for 
setting multiple 'away' scenarios would be extremely useful. I've seen 
some Emails on the list recently about a voice mail app, but I don't 
recall what it was called or whether it has this sort of feature. 
Haven't got the time at the moment to look it up and see.


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