Newbee wants to kick start - second try

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at
Thu Apr 24 15:14:15 CEST 2008

No realease date yet, but we are closer than ever... I
was waiting for it so long that when I got one in my
hands I will miss "this waiting for" feeeling.
--- Adilson Oliveira <adilson at>

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> Hello.
> Sorry for being pushy but I've seem even blank
> emails being answered, I
> wonder why mine wasn't the first time so I decided
> to try again :)
> I've been fascinated for this project for some time
> and now, with the
> proximity of the Freerunner release, I want to start
> to be a bit more
> active.
> I also have been following this list for a few days
> and I would like to
> have some clarifications.
> - - Looks like there's some movement towards
> pre-sales of the freerunner.
> Is there something set for Latin America (I'm in
> Brazil)? I didn't see
> any in the wiki page so I suppose there's none yet,
> right? Can I start
> one or is there any pre-requisites?
> - - Next month I'll in in Europe and I could use
> this time to grab mine.
> Is the release time of the freerunner already set?
> - - I've being reading about a project to implement
> cryptography on
> Openmoko so the calls and text messages can be
> secured, unfortunately I
> forgot the name of the project but I've heard that
> voice calls can't be
> secured like that due limitations on the way GSM
> work. Is this correct?
> Thanks and []s
> Adilson.
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