Video Playback virtually impossible on Neo Freerunner? (Re: Video of Qt 4.4 on Neo1973: brings iPhone like graphics)

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Thu Apr 24 15:49:02 CEST 2008

to, 2008-04-24 kello 19:20 +0800, Carsten Haitzler kirjoitti:
> the graphics chip (glamo) can decode mpeg4
> itself, but we dont have the time or resources to do this properly ourselves.
> you are free to do it yourself as we provide all the code, but you would need to
> reverse-engineer the graphics chip or hope that graphics documentation can be
> made public. right now you need an NDA to see the docs.

Righto. Of course, I'll be still buying the phone regardless, but I
would hope OM toss some resources this way _after_ getting the system
otherwise mass-market operational (or yeah, at least get the mpeg
decoding part independently and publicly documented as was alluded to as
a possibility with the glamo anyway). Leaving it totally unsupported in
these conditions would be somewhat downletting. (Again, talking extended
duration here, I don't mind it being unsupported for now.)

And for my two cents, screw "properly" if it gets too much in the way. A
device node that takes ioctls for geometry and mpeg-4 packets to decode?
If that's what it takes to get the functionality... And hey, any crappy
implementation would at least provide information for Somebody Else to
perhaps make it cleaner.

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