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Thu Apr 24 19:50:10 CEST 2008

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 2:47 PM, Adilson Oliveira
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>  Hello.
>  Sorry for being pushy but I've seem even blank emails being answered, I
>  wonder why mine wasn't the first time so I decided to try again :)

That happens sometimes....

>  I've been fascinated for this project for some time and now, with the
>  proximity of the Freerunner release, I want to start to be a bit more
>  active.
>  I also have been following this list for a few days and I would like to
>  have some clarifications.
>  - - Looks like there's some movement towards pre-sales of the freerunner.
>  Is there something set for Latin America (I'm in Brazil)? I didn't see
>  any in the wiki page so I suppose there's none yet, right? Can I start
>  one or is there any pre-requisites?

There aren't any "pre-sales" as far as I know, just you can buy a
Freeerunner even before the software is completely finished, directly
from OpenMoko. You are probably referring to group sales, because a
pack of 10 freerunners costs less and the taxes and trasport are also
cheaper for a group sale. You can start a buyer group if there's none.

>  - - Next month I'll in in Europe and I could use this time to grab mine.
>  Is the release time of the freerunner already set?

Probably buying it in Europe isn't always the best choice, because of
taxes. And, sadly, there's no release date yet, but some ime ago there
was talk about april, and since we are in the testing phase, the
release date should be near.

>  - - I've being reading about a project to implement cryptography on
>  Openmoko so the calls and text messages can be secured, unfortunately I
>  forgot the name of the project but I've heard that voice calls can't be
>  secured like that due limitations on the way GSM work. Is this correct?

As far as I understood it, a GSoC-Project is a sms middleware, which
should (theoretically) implement a way to simply encrypt with gpg the
sms. Phone calls can't be encrypted that easilly because, as far as i
understood it, the microphone is connected directly to the gsm chip.
But we have many intelligent people here, so someone will probably
find a way to do even that.

>  Thanks and []s
>  Adilson.
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