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Thu Apr 24 23:09:41 CEST 2008

2008/4/24, Ingvaldur Sigurjónsson <ingi at>:
> Just a reminder of Group Sales to Stockholm, Sweden.
> [...]
> If a group of 10 is reached does Openmoko send the packages to the first
> name on the list ?

I'm guessing one of us will have to collect the money and pay for the whole
10-pack, which will be shipped to that person. I'm sure the seller doesn't
want to deal with more than one person.

So there will be an issue of trust - if we in advance pay one person to
order the 10-pack, we have to trust that he/she actually gives us the phones
when they arrive, if we don't pay in advance, the person ordering will have
to spend a fairly large amount of money before he gets it back, and hope
that the others actually want their phones when they arrive and pay for
them. I guess one way to handle this would be for, say, the buyers to pay
half the cost in advance, and the other half when the phones arrive. Or we
just decide to trust each other ;-)

FWIW, I have a company which could make the order and then 're-sell' the
phones to those who participate in the 10-pack. But I'd be afraid that the
company would automatically from a legal point of view assume guarantee
responsibilities, etc. So maybe it is best to handle the order just between
us as private individuals.

If we don't get 10 people in Stockholm or Sweden for that matter, I guess we
could calculate the shipping fees to see if it pays off to join with other
people in Scandinavia/Europe who don't make a full 10-pack either, instead
of ordering individual phones.

Optimally, we'd convice/evangelize friends to get the Freerunner, so we end
up with a full 10-pack.

But I feel that some of these discussions are getting ahead of themselves -
let's just wait until the phone is released, see exactly how much the
different options cost (shipping direct from OpenMoko, via European dealers
etc) and then discuss what's best to do.

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