Don't ship GTA02v5 without the rework

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Fri Apr 25 00:18:44 CEST 2008

A long time ago I bougt a phone, a Motorola A835. He ad a led under a 
joysick, but it was disabled. And it was also multicolor.

It was so disabled that I know about it only after one year playing with 
a flesh software.

I didn't died with without the let.

May be that Motorola had the same problem :) but it didn't spoke. Which 
hw was more bugged?

> I totally agree with you.
> I understand everybody is happy to see the neo coming, but don't forget the
> goal :) : to provides the best free phones.
> It wouldn't be pleasant for us to by a phone, knowing there is a known
> issue with optimisation of  power consumption and LED stuff..
> I understand the rush ;) but we can wait...
> Maybe you can, and in that case, feel free to wait until the v6 hits the shop.
> But why should that stop the production of the v5? It all still sounds like
> just turning off the leds solves the problem, I don't consider that to be a
> showstopper. If there were no leds at all, i'd still would have bought it...
> AVee

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