Youtube Video Playback on Neo Freerunner? (Re: Video Playback virtually impossible on Neo Freerunner?)

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Fri Apr 25 03:38:24 CEST 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> i can say now - 320x240 mpeg4 video with mplayer using xvideo on the gta02 even
> can't play at 30fps. i was wrong with my guess. it is dropping 25% of the
> frames. so as such actually i correct this. i was too optimistic. you can more
> likely manage 20fps @ 320x240. this is mpeg4 - so mpeg1 and 2 may be better as
> they are simpler codecs. do remember when i say resolution - i mean the video
> itself. the hardware can SCALE it to fill the screen, but this is taking
> 320x240 video and scaling it up (adding blur) so of course the quality isn't
> that good. remember too that color information is half that resolution in each
> dimension again (160x120 - though depends on codec).

Well, I was thinking to youtube videos streaming... Since it will be 
impossible to see them in embedded browser (without local javascript 
hacks), I guess that we could use an application (if I'm not wrong 
someone is developing it on that fetches and 
plays (on streaming too) the videos in other formats supported by 
youtube (you can test them using youtube-dl -f <value> <url> [1])

The formats (fmt) that should work with no problems are:
  * 13: 176x144 at 15fps 3gpp file so H.263 video and AMR Narrowband audio
  * 15: 176x144 at 12fps mp4 file with MPEG4 video and AAC audio

Another format that maybe works on streaming (if I've not misunderstood 
what has been stated) is
  * 5: 320x240 at 30.000fps flv file

Maybe too low, but... I think that actually it's the best way quality we 
can get without rencoding it locally or simply without using a 3rd party 
server doing this work for us "on the fly".


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