Youtube Video Playback on Neo Freerunner? (Re: Video Playback virtually impossible on Neo Freerunner?)

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Fri Apr 25 07:12:03 CEST 2008

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> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > i can say now - 320x240 mpeg4 video with mplayer using xvideo on the gta02
> > even can't play at 30fps. i was wrong with my guess. it is dropping 25% of
> > the frames. so as such actually i correct this. i was too optimistic. you
> > can more likely manage 20fps @ 320x240. this is mpeg4 - so mpeg1 and 2 may
> > be better as they are simpler codecs. do remember when i say resolution - i
> > mean the video itself. the hardware can SCALE it to fill the screen, but
> > this is taking 320x240 video and scaling it up (adding blur) so of course
> > the quality isn't that good. remember too that color information is half
> > that resolution in each dimension again (160x120 - though depends on codec).
> Well, I was thinking to youtube videos streaming... Since it will be 
> impossible to see them in embedded browser (without local javascript 
> hacks), I guess that we could use an application (if I'm not wrong 
> someone is developing it on that fetches and 
> plays (on streaming too) the videos in other formats supported by 
> youtube (you can test them using youtube-dl -f <value> <url> [1])
> The formats (fmt) that should work with no problems are:
>   * 13: 176x144 at 15fps 3gpp file so H.263 video and AMR Narrowband audio
>   * 15: 176x144 at 12fps mp4 file with MPEG4 video and AAC audio

these will work - or should. just a matter of enough software in userspace.

> Another format that maybe works on streaming (if I've not misunderstood 
> what has been stated) is
>   * 5: 320x240 at 30.000fps flv file

no - not going to work. 21fps at best. :(

> Maybe too low, but... I think that actually it's the best way quality we 
> can get without rencoding it locally or simply without using a 3rd party 
> server doing this work for us "on the fly".
> [1]
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