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Torfinn Ingolfsen schrieb:
| Hi,
| On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 11:20 PM, Stefan Misch <misel at> wrote:
|> Hi,
|>  I have an idea going through my mind about rejecting phone calls.
| Personally, I only use rejects if I ewant the calling party to *know*
| that I have rejected the call. For most cases, I prefer the "ignore"
| button, which just tuns off sound (and vibration if enabled). Thus the
| caller (salesman, unknown numder, etc) only knows that I didn't
| answer.
I use this feature also very often and I would like to have it added in 
my freerunner, or at least when I get it :-).
|>  What are your thoughts about this?
| What I would like is a general filter mechanism, kind of like an email
| spam filter, which would let me filter on any number of arguments
| (calling number, called number (if we ever get multiple numbers on our
| mobile phones), presence status (and calendar busy / free status),
| time, and more). And I should be able to program any possible action
| for my filters, like - direct to voicemail, call forward, call reject,
| and so on.
| Anyway, that is what I wish for.

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