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Yes, I understand that, that is why I'm thinking of this approach.  My
idea was to use analog voice transforms and their inverse with
properties that would preserve most of the codec performance.  But it
would be awfully difficult to sync up the inverse on the other end
without a data connection, I expect that with voice calls that delay can
be added and removed without warning. 

But in terms of complexity and chance of success, it does seem like the
encrypted SMS is both practical and feasible, compared to any sort of
voice encryption.

Maybe a composite solution?  Secure voip session initiated by encrypted

Is there a benfit to using smartcard SAMs for encrypted peer2peer
communications with OpenMoko?

SD card with SAM:

Or the GPG fellowship card:


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Crane, Matthew wrote:
> Not sure if there's a specific project, I'm hoping to do some sort of
> "analog" encryption, with audio effects and inverse effects, such that
> it does not need to be digitally decoded, where the excellent pattern
> recognition engine in the brain does most of the work.

You can't do much.
It has to 'sound' voice-like to the multiple codecs in the signal chain 
of a GSM call, or the codec just discards the sound.

Listen to a voice over a good GSM line.
It's quite well reproduced.

Now, listen to an assortment of music.
Some will come out quite well, and be reproduced much like they came
Some are utterly shredded.

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