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Sat Apr 26 11:08:14 CEST 2008


I am developing a map viewer application called Yama. It is planned to 
work on the Neo. You can see it working on with a 
piece of map from

It is written in Java so it is very easy to prototype on PC. If you 
write software that requires showing locations on a map we could work 
together. If you specify how you could use a map viewer we culd create 
an interface so you can use it as a plugin or you can plug into it.

Geert Schuring is working on location sharing through 

I (as Yama's developer) am willing to cooperate with their project.

You could check these projects and think about how you could use them.

Best Regards
Schmidt András

simarillion wrote:
> Hi community,
> I'm studying electrical engineering at Karlsruhe University in Germany and I 
> nearly finished. 
> Now I have to do a student research project and because I'm a big fan of the 
> openmoko/freerunner project I want to combine this. I've got an offer from an 
> Institude to do something like that. I must give them a topic that must 
> contain research and the GPS. Now is the question, what research with the 
> freerunner and it's GPS device can I do that would help the openmoko 
> community and seems to be something that institute would support. It should 
> not be "only" writing a gui or something like that. 
> I have got to improve, develop, add or optimize something. This project should 
> last between 3 and 6 months. I'am also trying hard to be allowed to give my 
> research solution back to the community, as kind of code or information.
> I'm looking forward to free my phone
> and support the project
> All the best,
> Michael
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