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Sat Apr 26 23:45:10 CEST 2008


the Neo 1973 ( as well as
the Neo Freerunner (
have Processors based on the ARMv4 instruction Set. Apparently one consequence (stated on
these pages) is, that Android, requiring ARMv5, will not run on the Neo.
(also see lists ARM architecture versions up to ARMv7,
which gives the impression that ARMv4 CPUs today might not be state-of-the-art and future-proof any more.
One the other side, quite a few devices today seem to be still build upon ARMv4 based CPUs.

Are there any OpenMoko compatible smartphone devices with an ARM achitecture >v4? (Any plans?)

Will OpenMoko and the Neos stick to the ARMv4 architecture in the future? If the next generation
Neos use ARM>v4 instruction sets, how long will OpenMoko distributions still support ARMv4?
(How about Qtopia?) There should be no problem, if the source code is available, right? (BTW, a
"gentoo-like" ( distribution, which lets the user compile the packages, should always work.)

What are the main (dis)advantages of ARMv4 compared to its successors? Ratings?
(Is this comparable to x386, x686, x86_64,...?)

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