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Sun Apr 27 04:08:38 CEST 2008

On 4/26/08, Martin Bernreuther <MartinBern at> wrote:
> Are there any OpenMoko compatible smartphone devices with an ARM achitecture >v4? (Any plans?)

There has been discussions about this on both the kernel and
the hardware list and I recommend you to read the hardware
mailing list archive.

> Will OpenMoko and the Neos stick to the ARMv4 architecture in the future? If the next generation
> Neos use ARM>v4 instruction sets, how long will OpenMoko distributions still support ARMv4?

You can always compile Openmoko yourself
and I am sure somebody will provide images for ARMv4
when/if Openmoko at some point should stop
precompiling for this

> (How about Qtopia?) There should be no problem, if the source code is available, right? (BTW, a
> "gentoo-like" ( distribution, which lets the user compile the packages, should always work.)

It is good to see other Gentoo users here:)
Maybe we should make an Openmoko ebuild file
that builds the complete Openmoko image. (Could
enable features with USE flags, e.g.
$ echo "dev-embedded/openmoko freerunner \
touchscreen bluetooth 802.11" \
>>/etc/portage/package.use \
&& emerge openmoko )

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