Sebastian Hammerl sebastian at music-starvation.de
Sun Apr 27 08:49:50 CEST 2008


i would like the extra, especially the pouch. but i also like to buy in 
germany because of the warranty etc.

any statement from steve?


Flemming Richter Mikkelsen schrieb:
> On 4/26/08, Sebastian Hammerl <sebastian at music-starvation.de> wrote:
>> only a dump question:
>> when i buy from a reseller in germany, the reseller bought about some
>> hundred pieces in ten packs. so will i get the 10-pack-version when i only
>> buy one? the reseller bought only x*10-packs so he should always get the
>> extra.
> It is not a dump question!
> This is something you should ask your reseller about. I am not even sure
> if the resellers get the extra stuff, since I think it was meant as a special
> bonus for people that make a group order.
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