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You all don't seem to get what Openmoko is.
Openmoko is based on and built with OpenEmbedded, a buildsystem for embedded
devices, source-based and strongly inspired by gentoo's portage.
If Openmoko is vor armv4, armv5 or so on only depends on the settings for
the image in bitbake.

And yes, armv4 is pretty old, but it's also pretty common nowadays and
Openmoko is no armv4 distribution - it's built for specific devices, and in
the case of the neos, that's armv4. It is of course not comparable with x86
architectures and successors are of course faster, else they wouldn't be
there. :)

To say "Android won't run on Neo" is not more wrong than to say "Android
will run", like you do.
Android is not yet fully opensource. Maybe it will be, maybe it won't be,
I'm pretty sure you are no clairvoyant, too.
It *might* be available in future, it *might* run on the neo (even if also
opensource is no guarantee for that), but it just isn't yet.

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> Martin Bernreuther wrote:
> > the Neo 1973 (
> > as well as
> > the Neo Freerunner (
> >
> > have Processors based on the ARMv4 instruction Set. Apparently one
> > consequence (stated on
> > these pages) is, that Android, requiring ARMv5, will not run on the Neo.
> > (also see
> >
> Well, saying "Android won't run on Neo" maybe could be a wrong statement
> since when Android source code will be available, it will be possible to
> recompile it for other platforms (maybe after few changes, who knows...),
> including AMRv4.
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