OpenMoko Remote Controller (SoC)

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here is the spec on the accells

google accelerometer applications.,2880,764%255F%255F43,00.html

is a good place to start. I'll dig up more later if you like

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On 4/27/08, David Murrell <dmurrell at> wrote:
> Are we talking the sorta half second delay with exagerated drunk movements
> required to operate the nintendo wii, or precise movements that can catch
> cat doing the sideways wiggle in realtime before she jumps at something if
> was to strap it to her?

It _is_ very accurate, but you need to filter the signals (same issue
as with the touch screen, both needs a LP filter)

> (Yes, I realise that attaching a phone to a cat is like trying to pin the
> tail on a live donkey, you get one chance, and then its all pain, but I
> digress)
You really tried both things? I would like to see a video of when you pin
the donkeys tail to a cat strapped to a phone :p

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