Shipping questions, customer organized distribution in Europe

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Sun Apr 27 21:06:26 CEST 2008

Thanks for the quick answer, Steve.

2008/4/27 steve <steve at>:

> just doing a quick check from UPS the shipment from the US [to Europe] for
> a single phone would be on the order of 70 USD
> For 10 phones the bulk is on the order of 160USD, which mean 16USD per
> customer.
Could you offer shipping by the US Postal Service? Looking at their website,
I see that for instance, they have a service called 'Express Mail
International' that would cost $28 for a single phone, with a delivery time
in 6 days to Sweden, and a service called 'Priority Mail International'
which would cost $19 for delivery in 6-10 days.

The same services would be $51 for a 10-pack with delivery in 6 days, or
$35-40 for delivery in 6-10 days.

I'm sure many customers would prefer saving, say $50 on the shipping of a
single phone, or $120 for a 10-pack even if delivery takes an extra week
(even if we're all anxious to get our phones).

Geoff: I was asking about shipment to Europe. I think Steve mentioned
shipping to Freemont, CA because he was saying that all phones are shipped
from China to Freemont directly first, and then to wherever the customer is.

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