Shipping questions, customer organized distribution in Europe

Erland Lewin erland at
Sun Apr 27 22:34:46 CEST 2008

I thought about it some more, and USD 16/phone for a bulk order isn't enough
to make a fuss about (I assume that's insured).

But I think OpenMoko would sell more phones if you could offer shipping for
$19 instead of $70 (a big difference for an item costing $400) for single
phones. When the phone is first released, we seem well organized for 10-pack
orders, but if someone wants to buy phones later, it won't be so easy to
gather up people for a 10-pack.

Anyhow, comparing the Pulster price of €299 inc. VAT + €15 shipping inside
EU = €315 with a 10-pack direct order price of $339=€218 + 25% swedish
VAT=€55 + shipping $16=€10 = €283 (that's not including domestic shipping)
means that we're paying €32 extra to buy from a European dealer which means
a better guarantee, faster delivery, and less hassle with paying VAT
ourselves. And there's probably some value to supporting European dealers.

I'd probably go for buying from a dealer rather than ordering a 10-pack. The
only disadvantage would be missing out on the 'extras', particularly the
headset. Hmm...

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