Shipping questions, customer organized distribution in Europe

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no worries, 


thanks for being attuned to the co-incidental association between freemont
and freerunner.


Some day maybe I'll explain how the freerunner name came to me.


Werner doesn't even know he was the inspiration.





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Thanks so much for the clarification --  I guess I missed that!

So it sounds like the $399 includes shipping to Freemont, CA?  We're
responsible for shipping from there?

And how appropriate that the openmoko neo freerunner goes to Freemont!

I am so excited about this phone I just can't stand it!!!!!!!!!

Cheers to you all!

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 3:06 PM, Erland Lewin <erland at> wrote:

Thanks for the quick answer, Steve.

2008/4/27 steve <steve at>: 

just doing a quick check from UPS the shipment from the US [to Europe] for a
single phone would be on the order of 70 USD

For 10 phones the bulk is on the order of 160USD, which mean 16USD per

Could you offer shipping by the US Postal Service? Looking at their website,
I see that for instance, they have a service called 'Express Mail
International' that would cost $28 for a single phone, with a delivery time
in 6 days to Sweden, and a service called 'Priority Mail International'
which would cost $19 for delivery in 6-10 days.

The same services would be $51 for a 10-pack with delivery in 6 days, or
$35-40 for delivery in 6-10 days.

I'm sure many customers would prefer saving, say $50 on the shipping of a
single phone, or $120 for a 10-pack even if delivery takes an extra week
(even if we're all anxious to get our phones).

Geoff: I was asking about shipment to Europe. I think Steve mentioned
shipping to Freemont, CA because he was saying that all phones are shipped
from China to Freemont directly first, and then to wherever the customer is.


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