Openmoko at EuroPython 2008?

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Apr 28 00:25:09 CEST 2008

I have been following the Openmoko project ever since the project went public, 
and have for some time been wanting to get more involved in experimenting 
with the software (and eventually the hardware), but this is my first message 
to any of the mailing lists. I'm a Python developer and a volunteer organiser 
for the EuroPython conference, held this year in Vilnius, Lithuania from 7th 
July until 9th July (with development sprints held afterwards from 10th July 
until 12th July).

I was wondering whether any developers in the Openmoko community had 
considered submitting a talk for EuroPython 2008, particularly those using 
Python as a development language. Previous EuroPython conferences have 
featured talks describing Python on other mobile devices, but the openness of 
the Neo devices raises the level of interest beyond anything previously 
featured at EuroPython, in my opinion.

Details of talk submissions and other activities at the conference can be 
found here:

The EuroPython site can be found here:

In previous years, talks showing Python running on Symbian-based devices have 
attracted some attention, but without seeking to disparage such work, I think 
it's clear that the state of the art has moved on. Certainly, I'd be very 
interested to see Openmoko-related presentations at EuroPython which show 
just how far open mobile technologies have progressed and how important (and 
exciting) such technologies are for both users and developers.


P.S. I apologise if anyone perceives this message to be overly promotional. My 
intention is merely to encourage people to consider EuroPython as a venue to 
show the exciting things going on in this community to an audience who, in my 
opinion, would gain a lot from seeing such things. EuroPython is a 
volunteer-run, non-commercial, community event.

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