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> 2008/4/26 David Murrell <dmurrell at>:
>>  do any of you know about the situation on frequencies in nz? i hear telecom
>>  and vodafone use different bands, 850 and 900 respectively. is this correct?
>>  This is something I've been wondering about as well. It would be
>>  particularly nice if I could choose a different provider by switching
>>  simcards. I realise this isn't removetly possible with the current cdma
>>  phones that telecom has, but the 'next generation cell network' thing sounds
>>  like it might be compatable?
> yeah, they're finally ditching cdma in a few months, for gsm.
> technically we could switch sims to go from one network to the other,
> but i think we'd need the original proposed quad-band neo to do that.
> need some reliable evidence on which freqs the two companies use
The exact figure for "a few months", according to Telecom, is "Four years"
In the meantime they're setting up a "hybrid system" which is not GSM
but broadband CDMA using the GSM audio codec for voice calls. I'm not
sure if any phones actually exist that support this standard.

Orcon will shortly be opening their GSM network in New Zealand. If
Vodafone isn't your cup of tea don't worry: they won't have gsm-monopoly
here for very long.
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