NZ Group order

robin paulson robin.paulson at
Mon Apr 28 09:06:30 CEST 2008

Jeremy List wrote:
>> yeah, they're finally ditching cdma in a few months, for gsm.
>> technically we could switch sims to go from one network to the other,
>> but i think we'd need the original proposed quad-band neo to do that.
>> need some reliable evidence on which freqs the two companies use
> The exact figure for "a few months", according to Telecom, is "Four years"
> In the meantime they're setting up a "hybrid system" which is not GSM
> but broadband CDMA using the GSM audio codec for voice calls. I'm not
> sure if any phones actually exist that support this standard.

ugh, that's not so good. sounds pretty kludgy too

> Orcon will shortly be opening their GSM network in New Zealand. If
> Vodafone isn't your cup of tea don't worry: they won't have gsm-monopoly
> here for very long.

would this be northelia holdings under another guise?

looks like they're good to go already, and in the 900/1800 spectrum, so 
compatible with a neo that supports vodafone...i never wanted a telecom 
phone anyway, i'm not giving them my money

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