Video Playback virtually impossible on Neo Freerunner? (Re: Video of Qt 4.4 on Neo1973: brings iPhone like graphics)

Bin Chen binary.chen at
Mon Apr 28 10:32:22 CEST 2008

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 4:20 PM, Tom Cooksey
<thomas.cooksey at> wrote:
> On Thursday 24 April 2008 13:20:12 Carsten Haitzler wrote:
>  > again - we could do better if we limited ourselves to just mpeg4 (which is what
>  > almost all phones do - they do only 1 codec or maybe 2), but the problem here
>  > is that xv does not provide a way to do this sanely (stream just mpeg4 data to
>  > x so it decodes in hardware). the graphics chip (glamo) can decode mpeg4
>  > itself, but we dont have the time or resources to do this properly ourselves.
>  So don't use xv? Implement VAAPI (
>  which does provide an API for streaming MPEG4 streams to hardware. If you had a
>  DRM module for the glamo, couldn't you use it to send MPEG4 encoded video frames
>  to the glamo by packing them into BOs?
>  mplayer->>>>drm.ko&glamo.ko

Modify X server and the mplayer, when playing reserve the entire
screen and mplayer write the decoded directly into the framebuffer.
This is most straightforward and I have tested against on another platform.

Actually, even when use XSHM extension in mplayer, the overhead of
copy pixmap from mplayer to framebuffer is very big.


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