10 or more phones order

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 15:30:24 CEST 2008

Ilja O. ha scritto:
>>  So why's it not in Perl then,
>>  You could do all that in a simple one-liner...
>>  ;o)
> I don't know Perl :(
> But I could try to write on z/OS HLASM. Or Erlang...
> Btw, it could be simple one-liner in Python too.
> Like this:
>   phone_count = 42
>   _orders = ["BOX" for _i in xrange(phone_count // 10)] + ["SINGLE"
> for _i in xrange(phone_count % 10)]
>   print("Please, order %s" % ", ".join(_orders))
> Or if you want REALLY python one-liner:
>   exec("eJwryMjPS41Pzi/NK1GwVTAx4orPL0pJLSoGcqKVnPwjlBTS8osU4jMVMvMUKooS89JTNQqQtOjrKxgaaMYqaANVB3v6ufu4EtCgClbPVVCUmVeioRSQk5pYnKqjALZTQbVYCSivpKOgpJeVn5mnAXWKpiYAGp0z4g==".decode("base64").decode("zip"))

Oh My God!!!!

It was just the moment, it was because it's passed some time since i 
stopped using C at work i think, it could be python, perl, bash, php, c, 
c++, basic, javascript, ASM, also java (i don't like it),..... :D

It was the moment :D



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