Upgrading 1973 to Freerunner

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Wed Apr 30 02:31:31 CEST 2008

Ian Stirling wrote:
> Basically, the screen is glued down, and will be difficult to remove.

Actually, that's not the case.

I took apart a Neo1973 (GTA01) on the weekend, and the screen is very 
easy to remove (the only tool required is the Torx screwdriver for the 
case, the guitar pick so you don't cut your fingers getting the front 
off, and your fingernails to remove some conductive tape).

In fact it would be *very* easy to replace a broken Neo1973 screen with 
a good screen from another device which has a working screen but a 
broken circuit board.

-- Rod

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