.Mac like service

Kosa kosa at piradio.org
Wed Apr 30 16:44:30 CEST 2008

I knew you buys will bring some very good ideas. :)

Now I think we could even set at least two groups
of apps related to this service. One group might be
refered for those apps we develop for personal matters
as sms storage, contact list, time-zone, language and
others like that (encrypted and protected), and the
second group might be related to communities, groups,
public and social networks like facebook, lastfm and
many others, wich could be shared.


- Un mundo mejor es posible -

Alexey Feldgendler escribió:
>>>  my list starts with:
>>>  *backing up phone settings, including list of installed packages (in
>>>  case i need to re-install everything)
>>>  *backing up e-mails/text messages
>>>  *storing gps coords in case the phone's stolen/lost
>>>  *backup/storage of any other arbitrary files 
> * Allow backup and incremental synchronization of typical data items 
> stored on mobile devices:
>     * SMS/IM histories
>     * last dialled/received calls
>     * contact lists
>     * browser bookmarks, histories and cookies
>     * calendar events
>     * various account information (GPRS, HTTP proxy, email, IM)
>     * stored certificates
>     * global preferences like language, time zone, visual theme
>     * software-specific settings
>     * user documents
>     * information about installed downloadable addons
> * As much as possible should be synchronizable across devices and 
> software platforms.
> * Leverage existing open standards wherever possible, e.g. use vCard 
> for contact information.
> * Provide automatic conflict resolution.
> * Be bandwidth-efficient.
> * Survive long periods without connectivity and synchronize reasonably 
> afterwards.
> * Don't insist on complete synchronization before parts of data become 
> usable.
> * Be secure so that even passwords and certificates can be trusted to it.
> * Do not require server-initiated activity because it's often 
> impossible, i.e. rely on pull only.
> * Allow for interchangeable transport layers to make use of various 
> connectivity options available on devices:
>     * HTTP
>     * various serial port-like connections like IR and BT
>     * maybe offline synchronization via memory card
> * Allow automatic offloading of data that's typically moved from 
> device to PC:
>     * pictures, video and audio recordings
>     * various logs
> * Probably allow sharing or publishing parts of user's data.
> * Provide remote control and reporting infrastructure that allows:
>     * upgrades of device software
>     * activation of special modes on lost/stolen devices and obtaining 
> information from them
> * Transparent expansion of device's storage, e.g. the user can 
> continue taking pictures without thinking about where they go, and the 
> older ones are pushed off to the server.

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