Recognition of Handwriting

Heikki Sørum heikkis at
Wed Apr 30 23:48:28 CEST 2008

I'm currently using cellwriter on my two tablet PC's and might have some
useful input regarding cellwriter.

I agree that cellwriter might be a promising program on openmoko but
there are certain quirks that might need looking into. 
1. cellwriter need extensive training to recognize handwriting reliable.
(About 20 samples pr. character. )
2. I've never managed to get cellwriter to play nice with gtk(or QT
based) docking applications. 
3. It's build-in docking feature always expand the input area to cover
the whole bottom or top of the screen. 
4. autocomplete in firefox and cellwriter's OSD keyboard doesn't mix
because firefox autocomplete tend to steal the focus. (E.g. every
character has to be tapped twice.) Of course, this is a firefox specific
problem, but it's a gui problem when the character recognition software
is a free floating application rather than a true nested OSD
keyboard/character recognition program. In my opinion microsoft's
tablet edition on-screen keyboard has a smarter focus handling. 
Of course, microsoft software has it's fair share of.... quirks..

What I would die for was some sort of wordlist backend for cellwriter
in addition to it's character recognition.

Heikki Soerum.

Den Wed, 30 Apr 2008 20:55:58 +0200
Sebastian Billaudelle <sebbil at> skrev:

> Hi there!
> While surfing around I found an very nice app called CellWriter
> (
> I tried it out using my mouse... I think it's much better then the
> Windows Mobile stuff!
> I think it should be no problem to get it fitting to our needs...
> cheers
> Sebastian
> Please do not send me any Microsoft Office documents - I won't accept
> them!
> See for more
> information!
> Sorry!

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