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Justin Wong stryderjzw at
Fri Aug 1 17:17:49 CEST 2008

I dont mind the language on top for this page, but if we can get rid
of "Main Page" at the top, that'd be GREAT.  Right now, it's taking up
a lot of real estate and I don't think we really need the page name
for this page.

The changes look good. I like how the "intro" is split up, so for
people who care most about the license stuff, like developers, when
they scroll down a bit, they can see it.


On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 8:11 AM, Aaron Sowry <aaron at> wrote:
>>> Er... I just moved it back to the bottom before reading this email... sorry!
>>> I think changing from one language to another inside the page is
>>> actually a rare task, as bookmarks can be set directly to the language
>>> of choice. It also makes the page look less cluttered :)
>> Right but this is the main page which new users see first.  They need
>> to be able to select their language easily.  I can see having all
>> other pages have it on the bottom or not at all.  The main page should
>> have it on the top.  Many people don't speak english.
> Ok. For the benefit of those non-english speakers who find it too
> difficult to scroll to the bottom of the page once to change languages
> before bookmarking it, I shall leave it as is. :)
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