opkg - delete package from list

Benedikt Schindler BeniSchindler at gmx.de
Mon Aug 4 12:04:49 CEST 2008

i have a some problem with the libefreet0 package.
my opkg have four different packages that he could install.
and he want to install the package that he couldn't find on any server.
(libefreet0 - 1: -)

could i tell him to install one of the other packages? and yes how do i 
do that?

root at om-gta02:/usr/lib/opkg/lists# opkg list libefreet0
libefreet0 - 1: - The Enlightenment 
freedesktop.org library
libefreet0 - 1: -
libefreet0 - 1: -
libefreet0 - 1: -

and a other funny thing is. If i move all /etc/opkg/*feed.conf to an 
other place.
and then do a "opkg update" after that a "opkg list" or "opkg list 
then there is no libefreet0  but a ibefreet0.mimo.
if i try "opkg install libefreet0" it doesn't have an error 2 for 
unknown package.
it trys again to install "ibefreet0 - 1: -" 
..... =)&%"%&=.fucking.((/&$§&%)( .....

where does opkg get this package from? and how could i delete it from 
opkg ?

or to ask an other way:  where does opkg store the downloaded package data?

cu beni

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