Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

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I'm just venting steam. I'm not entirely unhappy with the phone: just a 
little frustrated, since I'm having a hard time justifying the purchase with 
my wife... not to mention my iPhone-loving friends. 

There were a number of sites, like Engadget and a few others, that were 
essentially implying that the Freerunner was ready for general use (as 
opposed to the Neo1973, which was strictly a developer's phone). 

So, I enthusiastically ordered it, only to realize that it's still, very 
much, a developer's phone. And not just a developer's phone, but a *super 
hardcore* developer's phone. 

I wouldn't mind learning to program for it, but even that's hard to do, 
since there are a handful of competing openmoko software architectures that 
aren't really interoperable. 

Anyway, I guess I'll wait for the software to catch up to the hardware. 
Meanwhile, I'll keep it tucked away in the closet. 


Steven Kurylo wrote: 
>> I feel mislead by their marketing, which led me (and, from what I've been 
>> reading, many others) to think that the phone was actually ready for both 
>> developers AND regular folks. This, of course, is false, as it can't even 
>> connect to the internet *out of the box*, and requires a ridiculous 
>> degree 
>> of programming knowledge to even do so. (As a Java programmer with 10 
>> years' 
>> experience, I've finally given up trying.) 
> I haven't seen anyone say the phone would be ready for regular user. 
> I tell people don't even expect to make reliable phone calls. 
> Though I think they should have put a big warning page during the 
> purchasing process before it takes your credit card, so no one would 
> have an excuse to complain. 
> Sorry that its not for you yet. 

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