Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

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Mon Aug 4 23:49:49 CEST 2008

The warrenty on our web shop is 14 days for DOA.

GSM problems could be related to the age of your SIM. So we suggest updated
any old SIMS.
Micheal can help.


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ian douglas wrote:
> Guys,
> My intention was not to create a message thread for people to vent 
> about what they like or not about the Freerunner. I created the thread 
> to get an official stance from Openmoko about the state of the 
> warranty, and if it would cover any hardware fix offered by OM for the
GPS/SD problems.

And a good thread it was too :)

I am also very curious about the potential GSM fixes. Will these be done by
sending it back, or will it be something us hackers can do (and soldering
sub-micron capacitors to invisible traces I do not consider your average
hacker can do, and I have been playing with a soldering iron for 35 years,
and I would not attempt it :)

The GSM problems particularly worry me, because it does make the phone
useless as a phone and I need to know if I need to go buy another phone as a
primary phone or not. Whereas problems with GPS & SDCARDS are not show
stoppers for me.

If it worked fine with a BT headset I could also use it happily. (Of course
if we discover a fatal H/W flaw that prevents even BT headsets from working
that is also a show stopper for me)

So please OM head honchos, get together and please give us a definitive
statement as to what the after sales support will be for any serious
Hardware issues discovered after shipping.


Jim Morris,

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