any update on GSM interference issue

arne anka openmoko at
Tue Aug 5 16:44:58 CEST 2008

> You'll need something like the Alsa state file to configure internal
> routing to make the connections.

i tried the existing gta01 one, but it claimed some incompatibilites  
(besides the wrong naming in line 1) and did not help anything.

> AFAIK in hardware this should be possible -- BT audio comes in on "VX"
> digital interface of WM8753 and there should be a path to get in and out
> of that to RXN/P pair and MONO1/2 pair.

it's all bohemian villages to me as we in german say (i think, it's  
"hekuba" in shakespeare somewhere :-)

> It's actually an interesting test to do it... AFAIK nobody proved that
> whatever makes the buzz (RF coupling or direct conduction from PSU rail
> for example) does not infect Vref on the Codec, in which case more paths
> than the mic might be infected as well because their reference is.  So
> whether this is clean or not will be a clue.

i am willing to test -- but how to make the fr play w/ the headset is  
absolutely beyond my understanding.
i found alsa (and the whole audio stuff in fact) always pretty confusing  
and am happy if c&p helps me with any related problems ...

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