Pulsters outstanding orders

Måns Malmberg inc at mjukis.com
Tue Aug 5 17:18:52 CEST 2008

> Does anyone received his Freerunner from Pulsters?

Yes, I ordered 4 of them and even though it took a while they did arrive 
and I got the phones.

> I'm waiting 1 1/2week, since Pulster received the Freerunners from the Fab (was 25.08.2008).

Delivery to northern Sweden took approximately a week.

> But every day which passes without receiving, i think, what does this man do, while
> he should pack the FR's and send it to its owner. I don't trust him anymore.. At the beginning 
> of last week, he mailed "The Freerunners comes at the week". Nothing. This week "they will be send monday". Nothing (no track id or mail reladed to the sending process).

After I got a mail stating that they would send my the phones it took a 
couple of days before I got tracking number for my parcel. The tracking 
number was rather useless since the tracking service did not update its 
status more than once during the delivery.

> So what should i do? 

Wait just a little bit longer. I think you will get your device even if 
the waiting feels long.


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