Invitation for a project presentation at Barcamp Bangkok, August 30 and 31, 2008

Jan Detlefsen at
Tue Aug 5 20:47:31 CEST 2008

Hello OpenMoko community,

we are a group of people organizing the second Barcamp in Bangkok,
Thailand on August 30 and 31, 2008.
As the whole event is centered around open source technology, we would
be very excited to learn more about the OpenMoko project.
For our next Barcamp we already have more than 450 registered
participants. The event will be covered by about 80% of thailands
internet tv channels as well as some online newspapers and
radiostations. Our event can help to spread the word about OpenMoko in
Thailand and neighbouring countries.

I'm writing to this mailing list to find out if there is a possibility
to have a presentation of the OpenMoko projekt and the Freerunner
phone at our event by a member of the  Openmoko staff or the developer

Please find out more about our event at these online ressources:
irc #barcamp-thailand (

Best regards
Jan Detlefsen
Member of Barcamp organizing group

About Barcamp:

While participation is open, Barcamp tends to draw people that are
very technically savvy and are the rising stars, web entrepreneurs,
web media producers and opinion leaders of the technology community in
Thailand. Most are open source software developers and advocates; many
are actively participating in bringing about grass-roots social and
political change via technology.
These are the people that are blogging, podcasting and vlogging about
technology in Thailand; they are advising students, managers and
business owners on technology trends. These are the people that are
influencing the technology decisions at major organizations in
Bangkok, the capitol and technology hub of Thailand.

Demographics & Reach:

Barcamp draws a very high level tech crowd. The average age of Barcamp
attendees is around 30, with the range of ages falling between 16 and
55. Roughly 90% are men. Approximately 80% are from Bangkok, 15% are
from other parts of Thailand and 5% come from outside Thailand for the
event. Roughly 80% are native Thai and 20% are expats living in

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