[OFFTOPIC] money transfere fees [WAS] Pulsters outstanding orders

Nicolas Pichon nicolas.pichon at luceor.com
Wed Aug 6 10:19:26 CEST 2008

Clemens Kirchgatterer a écrit :
> WOW, man. you really should get another bank. maybe that's common in
> france, i don't know, but here in austria hardly anybody has to pay for
> money transfers (national and EU). if you have an "expensive" account
> you might have to pay a few cents, though.


I've just checked on the internet the pricing of 2 another common banks 
in France (BNP Paribas and LCL) and alas it seem these are common 
pricing in France for international transfer (3,20€ for BNP and 3,90€ 
for LCL, so my bank seems to be one of the less expensive).

Maybe there are cheaper banks in France for international transfer, but 
I don't know them. I hope these expensive pricing are balanced by other 
operations/services cheaper in France that for banks in other countries. 
It's difficult to compare, as there must have much different practices 
between two countries.


Nicolas Pichon.

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