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Norbert Hartl wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 15:19 +0200, Michele Renda wrote:
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>> Norbert Hartl wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 14:35 +0200, Tobias Kündig wrote:
> Nobody expected from a mobile phone that it should be able to make
> coffee. But you can expect from a mobile phone to make phone calls,
> can't you? From a PDA you can even expect to have a addressbook 
> where you can store and find addresses, can't you? To be extremely
> biased towards this device does not help anyone.
>>From the view point of a mobile phone the freerunner is the second worst
> device (nokia communicator 9100 was much worse :)) I ever saw. From the
> perspective of an open mobile platform it is coolest thing invented
> since sliced bread. 

It can not to do an comparation with other phone because OM try to use
only the most opened hardware components and to have a open developing

If the Freerunner would use closed component at least he could have UMTS
/ HSDPA, a 3D accelerator, and other cute things. (in a few for a Iphone

But choosing a Open development you must to renunce all the component
where you need to sign NDA to use it.

It is a very DIFFICULT street. And I am not so sure who write the
article know all this.

It every case this phone must be reviewed more as a blank book where
every people can what he want.

My 2 cent.

Michele Renda

> my 2 cents,
> Norbert
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