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Aaron Sowry aaron at
Thu Aug 7 11:21:00 CEST 2008

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> Yes, but you can use it only if you promise that you will not show to
>> others how to use it (NDA)!
>> So, for me is like it doesn't exist!
> IF only we had OpenGL on the Freerunner by now, imagine the amazing  
> apps we could write .. geeze guys, what a big disappointment the Glamo  
> is ..
> ;
> --
> Jay Vaughan

Agreed. Why does nobody seem to be addressing/acknowledging this issue 
(or am I just looking in the wrong places)? An April 2008 post on the 
mailing list suggests that SMedia want $15,000 to release the docs under 
NDA to anyone outside of Openmoko employees. If this is the case, and 
nobody is even prepared to address this issue in other ways let alone 
pay for it, then for the foreseeable future it seems that this chip will 
do nothing more than sit there consuming power and the Freerunner will 
be without any form of graphic acceleration.

It is a crying shame.


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