Pulsters outstanding orders

vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Thu Aug 7 17:03:26 CEST 2008

I'm happy to anounce that the Portuguese group buy from Pulster has  
been correctly satisfied. We got the mega-package yesterday.
Now I'm waiting for the group leader to break it up and give us our  
phones. We'll make a mini-party, I'm sure.

Citando vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt:

> Hi all.
> I've also been anxiously waiting here in Lisbon for my FR to arrive
> from Pulster together with a 10+ group from Portugal and another 10+
> group from Spain. And of course, Pulster is delayed. Worse yet,
> they've just told us they probably switched the Spanish and Portuguese
> orders by mistake. 8)
> Now, Pulster himself has been satisfyingly accessible and honest with
> us (he even told us to refuse the packages and he would reship them
> correctly on his own cost), so we are going to cut him some slack (we
> will accept the packages and sort out the mess by ourselves); I
> believe, like David just so eloquently said, that the people at
> Pulster are working in overdrive to satisfy an overwhelming amount of
> orders for this phone, and I think the problem extends to all the
> other distributors and even the openmoko factory.
> It is a bit their fault, of course, for having created such high
> expectations for so long, in a synchronized release. But it couldn't
> be done any other way.
> So please, guys, take it easy. We'll all get our phones.
> We've waited over a year for this, we can wait a few more days/weeks.
> After all, there is no other phone like this in the whole history of
> mankind.  :)
> Keep in mind that getting the phone in our hands is not the goal; it
> is just the beginning of the revolution!
> Vasco.
> Citando David Samblas <dsamblasomcommunity at gmail.com>:
>> Nicolas,
>> I can understad your anxious, and the nerves of the unknown status of
>> your desired order. But you must understand than Pulster has make an
>> great effort to mantain the Neo as affordable as posible, this has
>> translated to an overheading amount of  enstusiast impatience
>> mail-vervose geeks that in solitare or in numerous groups has decided to
>> buy to him(me included), I don't know the number of items had sell
>> before the "Neo madness" but I'm only a coordinator of a group and some
>> times it's hard to follow track about my 18 neo future(barely present)
>> owners, so cmagine hundreds of them (I can imagine Chris as Jim Carey in
>> this scence where he is God's sustitute and decide to drive all  plege
>> via mail.. It's  scary, isn't it?). We all are noobs, Openmoko
>> delivering from factory, Distributors estimating sales and shipping
>> resources, we as costumers are also noob becouse this kind of open
>> distribution chain has no precedent in a comercial product. So all of
>> you, waiting a neo from Pulster or  from any distributor , please have a
>> little empathy with your provider, an consider this fisrsts bacthes
>> deliveries as beta, they will surelly have bugs but you must be
>> confident that you neo will arrive, and in the near future the situation
>> will be more regular and soft. And as Pulster said you have all the
>> right to put on his nerves asking for the status of you Neo, but take in
>> account that any mail/phonecall you send is a little more weigth in the
>> load of your provider so please use it gently.
>> Regards
>> David Samblas
>> El mié, 06-08-2008 a las 00:16 +0200, Nicolas Pichon escribió:
>>> arne anka wrote:
>>> >  from where in europe are you ordering?
>>> > if you're inside emu when using iban your transfer is not allowed to cost
>>> > more than a national transfer.
>>> >
>>> I'm ordering from France (my bank is Société Générale), and they charged
>>> me 3,05€ (not 3,50€ as I said before, I've just re-checked), which is
>>> also the cost for a national transfer in my bank.
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