Debian on FreeRunner

Gregoire Gentil gregoire at
Thu Aug 7 18:20:11 CEST 2008


After much efforts (but thanks for the page ;-) ), I have managed to
install this on my microSD card:

I can reach the gdm screen but the calibration of the touchscreen is
totally flaky.

After another set of painful efforts, I have managed to install
libts-bin and run ts_calibrate. If you want to know, you need to do this
from the terminal over the USB-connection:

export TSLIB_CALIBFILE="/etc/pointercal"
export TSLIB_CONFFILE="/etc/ts.conf"
export TSLIB_PLUGINDIR="/usr/lib/ts"
export TSLIB_FBDEVICE=/dev/fb0
export TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/event1

I get some numbers on /etc/pointercal but there are quite different if I
run ts_calibrate a few times. In any case, the touchscreen is still
totally mad and I can't use xvkbd to input the login info. In the best
case scenario, the pointer is around 200x200 pixels NW from the touch.

Then, I have played with xorg.conf. I have tried the rotate option and
many other things, but unsuccessfully.

Any idea? Thanks in advance,


PS: In case, you ask:

more /etc/ts.conf 
# Uncomment if you wish to use the linux input layer event interface
module_raw input

# Uncomment if you're using a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500/SL-5000d
# module_raw collie

# Uncomment if you're using a Sharp Zaurus SL-C700/C750/C760/C860
# module_raw corgi

# Uncomment if you're using a device with a UCB1200/1300/1400 TS
# module_raw ucb1x00

# Uncomment if you're using an HP iPaq h3600 or similar
# module_raw h3600

# Uncomment if you're using a Hitachi Webpad
# module_raw mk712

# Uncomment if you're using an IBM Arctic II
# module_raw arctic2

module pthres pmin=1
module variance delta=30
module dejitter delta=100
module linear

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