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Dale Maggee antisol at internode.on.net
Fri Aug 8 04:33:15 CEST 2008

Matt Joyce wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 8:36 AM, Fredrik Wendt <fredrik at wendt.se> wrote:
>>> And there is a profile switcher planned I hope?
>> I just can't let go of the idea of having several profiles activated at
>> the same time, so I'll spam you all once more (last time, I promise).
>> Locations:
>> - work
>> - home
>> - cinema
>> - lecture hall
>> - hospital
>> - amusement park
>> Activities:
>> - coding (default)
>> - none (default for others)
>> - meeting
>> - in a phone call
>> - lecture / conference
>> - watching a movie
>> - exercising (biking anyone?) (it could detect the wii fit bluetooth MAC
>> addresses in the air as well)
>> Time based:
>> - after bed time
>> - tuck in time (put the kid(s) to sleep)
>> - lunch
>> - working hours
>> - Simpsons
>> Other:
>> - phone is upside down on a table (only flash lights, no buzz or
>> ringtone)
>> - battery is running low
>> - far from home (send e-mail with GPS coordinates every hour)
>> - vacation (don't send GPS coordinates every hour)
>> - bluetooth headset is in range (and paired)
>> - home media center (and asterisk) is in range (redirect music)
>> Being able to have just _one_ context/setting/mood at a time is so
>> restricting.
>> When I go to lunch (12-13, or 12 am to 1 pm) I generally put the phone
>> in my pocket so I want the ringing sound to be louder. BUT, if I'm in a
>> lunch meeting with a client (the meeting's in the calendar) I don't want
>> to be disturbed (except by family and day care numbers), hence there
>> should be no ringtone at all.
>> This is also true while exercising (louder), unless it's tuck in time
>> for the kids and I'm at home (Wii Fit).
>> If I'm at the cinema the GSM should turn off, unless I'm at a conference
>> (in my calendar) which would only turn ringtone off (or send it to my BT
>> headset at a low volume). If I'm a presenter I'd like all calls to be
>> rejected (unless family + day care) so I won't be interrupted while
>> using the FreeRunner as a remote control (next slide, etc - too bad it
>> didn't come with a laser beam/LED as well :).
>> I'd love the idea of having more than one profile (context) active at
>> the same time - my daily life simply isn't that simple that one profile
>> fits. I don't want to be locked up in old locked down cellphone
>> behaviour - I want to be free. ;)
>> / Fredrik Wendt
> Much of what you have described was articulated in this [1] thread,
> including profile aggregation.
> I strongly encourage people to post their similar ideas so hopefully
> developers will be able to anticipate future requirements.
> With regards to applying multiple profiles (which I really like), some
> thought will have to go in to resolving conflicts.
> For instance, if we have two rules :
> On <location event> set profile foo;
> On <temporal event> set profile bar;
> The profile may be opposites, if they trigger at the same time, which
> should win out ?
> [1] http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/community/2008-July/thread.html#22447
> Matt
Some great Ideas here (I especially like the 'face down phone is silent' 
one), I only have one suggestion, now that I know that we can have SID 
and MOD files as our ringtone:

Ringtone randomisation!

Each profile comes with a list of ringtones, not just one, and I assign 
a probability to each one to set how often it's played (or I can press 
the 'equalise' button to make them properly random.

Of course, if I have a ringtone associated with a contact, that would 
override the randomisation. But then, maybe that contact has it's own 
'ringtone playlist' associated with it, not just one tone.

When I say 'Ringtone', I also mean 'message tone', 'calendar event 
tone', 'alarm clock tone', 'friend is nearby tone', 'dog is chewing 
freerunner tone', etc... :)


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