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Fri Aug 8 10:56:16 CEST 2008

Olivier Berger schrieb:
>> Is "8/8: First official release of Om 2008.8 [1]" in the front page
>> guilty ? : looks like it was announced officially indeed :(
NO! This was standing there since a few days!
This section is a mixed up event and news section.
And someone put it in there as upcomming event!

We should split up news and events in two boxes.
And news should be something like offical announcements.

>> Anyway, now it should be released right ?
i don't think so !

>> I can see two sets of images in
>> :
>>  openmoko-devel-image
>> and
>>  openmoko-qtopia-x11-image
>> Is it OK now ? ... which one should be use : my guess is
>> openmoko-qtopia-x11-image as -devel seems more of
>> unstable/testing/beta things...
If i understand all the postings of yesterday right, this is the real 
meaning of the files:

openmoko-devel-image : 

This is the offical Om2007.2 release. 
install the rootfs. Do a "opkg update && opkg upgrade".
And you are just where everyone in the list is when he saied he is running a OM2007.2

openmoko-qtopia-x11-image :

This is not the ASU or the Om2008.8 !
this is a mixture from Om2007.2 and some ASU applications.
(And the style the ASU would look like.) So used it to 
see what ASU would look like. But it will have many bugs 
the ASU doesn't have or witch are not there anymore.
And now i don't know what someone in the list used if he saied he used ASU.
For me i always thought this is the ASU. So maybe he used this or the real ASU.

How to get the real ASU:

i don't know. we have to wait for the announcement.
If i understand the other people right, there had never been a correct 
installation guide in the wiki, about where to get an up to date ASU image.
It is just an Om2007.2 updated with qtopia apps.

>> Thanks in advance for any hints.
>> Best regards,

@all :

please corret me if i get something wrong.
i am still waiting for my "real" ASU ;)


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