Openmoko Om 2008.8 Release

Alexandre Ghisoli alexandre.ghisoli at
Fri Aug 8 14:03:16 CEST 2008

Le vendredi 08 août 2008 à 19:48 +0800, Wolfgang Spraul a écrit :
> Maybe I should add that the binary Om 2008.8 release is for GTA02 only  
> right now.
> For GTA01, we have no big plan yet but we will look at it next. The  
> biggest problem that stops us is that we are extremely low on GTA01  
> phones :-)
> I am only aware of 1 (ONE) functioning GTA01 in the Taipei office. A  
> bit hard to do development and testing that way.
> Next week we will look at the Om 2008.8 on GTA01 situation:
> 1. how many people want this?
> 2. does anyone in the community step up and compile the distribution  
> for GTA01? (there will be some work: size reduction, GPS chip, etc)
> 3. can we support or do that from Taipei, do we find enough working  
> GTA01?
> 4. how much work is it and how fast can we do it?

I really like to have the Om2008.08 on my GTA01.


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