Om 2008.8 doesn't ask for my pin so no gsm available

Dale Maggee antisol at
Fri Aug 8 23:30:56 CEST 2008

Peter Mogensen wrote:
>  > I flashed the new kernel and image but if I boot now I'm not getting
>  > asked for a pin. There's no gsm in 2008.8 for me...
> This seem to be a common problem.
> The PIN-dialog does come up once in a while though. Restarting the 
> X-server can make it appear.
> But even though to enter the correct PIN and the dialog closes without 
> error, there's no GMS available.
> Trying to talk AT to the modem manually doesn't seem to work either. It 
> just hangs.
> I tried move the SIM to an old phone an it still works OK. Somehow the 
> FreeRunner seemded to have disabled PIN on the SIM though, so I had to 
> re-enable.
> Peter
It works for me, I enter my pin and then can make and recieve calls, but 
it takes maybe 30-60 seconds for the 'enter pin' prompt to come up after 
x has started, and I've only once seen the GSM status thingy up the top 
indicating that it had a signal, it usually has the 'no signal' 
exclamation mark, although I can still make and recieve calls....

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