Mike Baroukh mike at
Sat Aug 9 10:08:40 CEST 2008

hi all.

I'm not a system programmer.
I've got system administration skills and Java developpement skills.

I will certainly say lots of absurdities.
Please correct me ...

I'd love to make system developpement.
But start point is not easy.

I was thinking of following the LinuxFromScratch from start to create my
own learning distribution on my Neo.

But instead I wondered If I could not try to make Android running ?
I saw that like for OpenMoko, there is and android git repository
available (

As I understood, Android is similar to FSO : One framework and
applications that rely on it.
There is already lots of applications.
And the SDK is really easy to use within Eclipse.
(could'nt it be possible to make a SDK for OpenMoko under Eclipse to
ease application developpement ?)

If a group already exists that try to make Android running, please, let
me know.
Also, does somebody have informations on Android ?
Maybe it's have already been checked and it's just a dream that is
actually not possible ?

I don't speak about making a full working android distribution, but if
It could just start It would be great.
then we could make things working step by step.
The framework already exists, we just have to wire it to the hardware.


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