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Sat Aug 9 10:29:24 CEST 2008

Somebody already had a look into this:

Basically the problem is that android is compiled for 
ARMv5 whereas the neos have got an ARMv4 processor.


On Sat, 2008-08-09 at 10:08 +0200, Mike Baroukh wrote: 
> hi all.
> I'm not a system programmer.
> I've got system administration skills and Java developpement skills.
> I will certainly say lots of absurdities.
> Please correct me ...
> I'd love to make system developpement.
> But start point is not easy.
> I was thinking of following the LinuxFromScratch from start to create my
> own learning distribution on my Neo.
> But instead I wondered If I could not try to make Android running ?
> I saw that like for OpenMoko, there is and android git repository
> available (
> As I understood, Android is similar to FSO : One framework and
> applications that rely on it.
> There is already lots of applications.
> And the SDK is really easy to use within Eclipse.
> (could'nt it be possible to make a SDK for OpenMoko under Eclipse to
> ease application developpement ?)
> If a group already exists that try to make Android running, please, let
> me know.
> Also, does somebody have informations on Android ?
> Maybe it's have already been checked and it's just a dream that is
> actually not possible ?
> I don't speak about making a full working android distribution, but if
> It could just start It would be great.
> then we could make things working step by step.
> The framework already exists, we just have to wire it to the hardware.
> Mike
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