What will be in GTA03?

Monkey D. Luffy the.real.monkey.d.luffy at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 16:34:32 CEST 2008

(no "reply" so far... so a little bump)

This is more or less my wish list... So what will be in?

1) camera (decent one, 3MP or more)
Will it be possible to record movies with sound? What resolution?

2) buttons on the damn thing :p
SNES and GBx all the way :)
Or at the very least, sell the GTA03 with an optional control pad:
http://www.icontrolpad.com/ But try to make it as small as possible
(maybe the control pad overlapping the case) so it doesn't get toooo big.

3) holder for a small plastic stylus. With an optinal string
connecting both, so that if you drop it by chance it doesn't get lost
forever in some crack to hell.
If possible, keep this in mind if selling the icontrolpad thingy (so
the stylus doesn't get trapped there).

4) GPS
Will I be able to keep maps updated for free?
Will it be possible to make use of google maps, in the sense of having
the indications on how to get from A to B?

5) USB connector (USB 2.x), in order to connect the phone to the computer

6) WiFi

7) accelerometers

8) bluetooth

9) a cute chinese or japanese girl ^_^
Well, at least their phone numbers :p

I heard about xv and glamo and what else... What I need to know is:
Will I be able to watch videos or play games (with sound on both) at
640x480 resolution?

What will the final price be? In Europe?

And when will it be ready?
You drive people crazy waiting for a final product with decent
features (e.g. camera)
I need a *working* new phone... yesterday :(
(must... resist... iphone...)

Maybe all this info should be on your wiki and wikipedia?

Best wishes for everything!

PLEASE CC ME in your reply.

PS: suggestion for next phones: Dual-Sim

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