2008 WTF??

Scott scott at tnstaafl.net
Sat Aug 9 17:51:00 CEST 2008

Well I installed the 2008.8 even though the bug list had 4 or 5 items 
that basically rendered the phone useless.

Booting up...  Could it be any more confusing??  First the OM screen, 
then the standard linux text scrolling, then the boots, then blank, then 
the boots again, then some more text, then blank again???  WTF over? 
Can't we have just one damn boot screen?

When you finally get something resembling a GUI it looks pretty cool. 
As somebody said "nice eye candy".

Why is it so slow now?  Everything takes forever?

Why won't it wake up from sleeping?  tap the screen nothing?  Press the 
aux button nothing?  Press the main button nothing??  Then all of a 
sudden on its own, it makes a popping noise and the screen is back to 
life?  WTF over?

It shut down on me twice, all on its own? WTF?

Where's the terminal? Where's the power settings?

The battery icon always shows charging, whether its plugged in or not? 
     Is it charging, how do I know?

The GSM icon no longer responds to a tap?  It used to bring up a little 
dialog that showed the  current status?

and whats with the funky + and * symbols at the bottom of the screen 
that don't do anything?

Why does it keep waking up every 30 seconds or so?

whats with the stupid keyboard?  Does anybody think its remotely usable?


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